America's First Foodie

The Incredible Life of James Beard


Many thanks to our friends who have generously contributed to the making of James Beard: America’s First Foodie.

Director Beth Federici with Alice Waters

Director Beth Federici with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse

The list includes but is not limited to the following people:

  • Alice Waters, Chef/Owner Chez Panisse, Activist, Author, JBF Award Winner
  • Jacques Pepin, Chef, JBF Award Winner, Dean of Special Programs, International Culinary Center
  • Wolfgang Puck, Chef/Owner Spago, Author and JBF Award Winner
  • Ted Allen, TV Personality, Author
  • Martha Stewart, founder Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
  • David Rosengarten, TV Personality, Author, JBF Award Winner
  • Judith Jones, Editor of James Beard, JBF Award Winner
  • Susan Ungaro, President of The James Beard Foundation
  • Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President of The James Beard Foundation
  • Gael Greene, Founder of Citymeals-on-Wheels, Author, JBF Award Winner
  • Ruth Reichl, Author, JBF Award Winner
  • Caroline Stuart, Assistant to Mr. Beard
  • Tim and Nina Zagat, founders, The Zagat Survey
  • Ariane Batterberry, founder of Food & Wine and Food Arts magazines
  • Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center
  • Madhur Jaffrey, cookbook author and restaurateur
  • Michel Nishan,Chef, founder of Wholesome Wave
  • Larry Forgione, JBF Award Winner, Chef/Owner An American Place
  • Alain Sailhac, Chef, Executive Vice President and Dean Emeritus, International Culinary Center
  • Andre Soltner, Chef, Lutece, and Dean of Classic Studies at the International Culinary Center
  • Jeremiah Tower, Chef, Friend of James Beard, JBF Award Winner
  • Duff Goldman, Chef, TV Personality
  • Clark Wolf, Restaurant Consultant, Friend of James Beard
  • Chris Cosentino, Chef, Incanto, author
  • Ron Paul, Founder of James Beard Public Market
  • Gabriel Rucker, JBF Award Winner, Chef/Owner Le Pigeon
  • Cathy Whims, JBF Award Nominee, Chef/Owner Nostrana
  • Naomi Pomeroy, JBF Award Winner, Chef/Owner Beast
  • Lisa Schroeder, Chef/Owner Mother’s Bistro
  • Greg Higgins, JBF Award Winner, Chef/Owner Higgins Restaurant and Bar
  • Jonathan Waxman, Chef/owner Barbuto, JBF Award Nominee
  • Michael Whiteman, Restaurateur, Windows on the World
  • Julian Niccolini, Restaurateur, The Four Seasons Restaurant
  • Alex Von Bidder, Restaurateur, The Four Seasons Restaurant
  • Ben Pollinger, Chef, Oceana James Beard Foundation Scholarship winner
  • Ed Schoenfeld, Restaurateur, Red Farm
  • Dan Barber,Chef, Blue Hill
  • Florence Fabricant, Columnist, The New York Times
  • Izabela Wojcik, Director of House Programming, The James Beard Foundation
  • Clay Triplette, Assistant to James Beard
  • Charlie Baum, Friend of James Beard
  • Hilary Baum, Friend of James Beard
  • Raffaele Ronca, Chef/Owner Rafele Ristorante
  • John Newman, Chef/Owner Newman’s at 988
  • Jerry Lamb, Friend of James Beard
  • Luke Barr, Author, James Beard Foundation Award Nominee
  • Sara Moulton, Cookbook author, television personality, JBF Award Nominee
  • Mike Thelin, Co-founder, Feast Portland
  • Richard Grausman, Founder and Chairman, C-CAP
  • Kathleen Collins, Author, “Watching What We Eat: the Evolution of Television Cooking Shows”
  • Marc Forgione, Iron Chef/Owner of Restaurant Marc Forgione
  • Matt Lightner, Executive Chef of Atera in New York City, a recipient of two Michelin stars.

2 thoughts on “PARTICIPANTS

  1. Excited to see the movie! Grateful to be part of the amazing James Beard legacy. Yea!!
    Chef John Newman

  2. Looking forward to seeing the movie!

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